Active Age - Never Mind the Years

Active Age is a programme promoting everyday wellbeing of older people.

Active Age programme encompasses 31 projects and initiatives carried out by nationwide and local social welfare and health organisations. They provide joint activities for older people, boosting their wellbeing and helping them in their everyday problems proactively and on a timely basis. Older people themselves are involved in the practice development work.

Creating new old-age culture
Many factors contribute to good everyday life. The aim of the Active Age - Never mind the years programme is to strengthen the capabilities of older people and to promote their inclusion. Programme is creating new resource-oriented old-age culture wher the older peole are seen as active subject. 

Removing environmental and mental obstacles, building opportunities for action
The activities of the programme include the development of new approaches and the embedding of good practices in the work done by organizations. The Active Age - Never mind the years programme also strengthens cooperation between organisations, municipalities, parishes, educational institutions and other relevant actors.

Age brings knowledge, skills and experience.
This programme relies on the knowledge and knowhow of older people themselves. Some of the projects in the programme aim to activate older people living in rural and urban areas, while others focus on identifying and removing obstacles to equality. 

Active Age programme conducts research into the changes occurring in the daily lives of the older project participants.

Lasting from 2012 until 2017, the programme is implemented in collaboration with The Association for the Welfare of Older People.
Finland's Slot Machine Associaton (RAY) funds the programme and projects have been selected through RAY's normal application procedures. 

Contact information:

VTKL - The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People - Active Age -programme

Mailing address: Malmin kauppatie 26, FIN-00700 Helsinki, Finland

  • Programme Manager Reija Heinola, Tel. + 358 (0)50 449 2998,
  • Programme Coordinator Katja Helo, Tel. + 358 (0)50 449 2988,
  • Programme Communicator Tiina Hailla, Tel. + 358 (0)50 556 5922,


Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY)

Mailing address: Turuntie 42, FIN-02650 Espoo, Finland

  • Senior Specialist, Elina Varjonen, Tel. +358 (0)40 748 3257,
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Project manager Reija Heinola's presentation in the Let Us Be Active seminar in Riga (January 2016)